Individual automation packages and features can be added on to any overhead crane at any time, enhancing workplace safety, efficiency, and performance. Whether or not your crane was designed or built by Zenar Corporation, our team can assist you in maximizing the value of your crane with the latest in robotic, laser, and radio frequency technology.

Positioning Assistance Systems

Using sensors, Zenar Corporation’s Positioning Assistance System allows operators to consistently position loads with precision. This feature is exceptionally valuable in position-critical applications with limited visibility, such as when using charging cranes, ladle cranes, and shipping cranes.

No Fly Zone

No Fly Zone automation uses predetermined no fly zones to keep overhead crane from flying over certain areas where other equipment or shelving is permanently stationed. When paired with Anti-Collision technology, a crane can respond in real time to the objects in its environment, while automatically avoiding no fly zones wherever it travels.

Proximity Warning Systems

The radio frequency technology used in Zenar Corporation’s Proximity Warning Systems warn crane operators of possible collisions between cranes, vehicles, and pedestrians.

Collision Avoidance

When combined with Semi-Automatic Positioning and No Fly Zone automation, Collision Avoidance technology serves as a failsafe in preventing crane collisions of all kinds – crane-to-crane, crane-to-wall, and crane-to-wracking or storage systems.

Semi Automatic Positioning

This features allows the operator to select a predefined position, and transport the crane from the present position to the desired position by pressing the semi auto command when the load is at safe height. This feature can dramatically improve operational efficiency with accurate positioning of the load in less time.

Sway Control

Sway Control automation limits load sway by automatically compensating for load weight and force using the bridge and trolley. Not only does Sway Control improve positioning, it also helps prevent accidents created by swinging loads.

Shock Load Prevention

Shock Load Prevention automation connects to a crane’s hoist drive system to monitor the load and control the speed of the hoist, reducing the possibility of sudden shock to the crane’s hoist and rigging. As a result, Shock Load Prevention avoids damage to both equipment and inventory, and maximizes the lifetime of the crane.


Maximize the life of your crane wheels with automatic anti-skewing technology. Using two sets of positioning sensors on either side of the bridge, the Anti-Skew feature will automatically keep an overhead crane straight and prevent typical wear and tear caused by skewing.

Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics

Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics allows maintenance teams to track essential crane functions and troubleshoot problems from the floor. As a result, fewer hours are spent climbing up and down ladders and testing functions, so that your crane can get back to moving material like it should.

To learn more about the custom overhead crane automation packages available with Zenar Corporation, please contact us.