We are able to create fully customizable bottom blocks at a variety of sizes. Zenar strives to accommodate all customers’ wants and needs. Customers have the ability to pick between two bottom block options. All bottom block options come with standard features, and can have numerous optional components included. Bottom blocks produced by Zenar Corporation are engineered and manufactured to CMAA and AISE specifications.

To learn more about bottom blocks available here at Zenar Corporation, please contact us.

Zenar Bottom Block Offered Models

  1. Standard bottom blocks w/ a manual swivel hook: are non-motorized and can be modified to fit all crane service specifications.
  1. Power rotating bottom blocks: are motorized and have the ability to rotate 360°. These are beneficial when working with below the hook devices.

Basic Bottom Block Features

  • Welded or bolted steel construction
  • Hook with an OSHA required safety latch
  • Fabricated steel sheaves
  • Impact protection using an adjustable slip clutch for power rotating bottom blocks
  • Bearing lubrication fittings
  • Tapered or needle roller bearings

Optional Components and Features

  • Limit switch to control rotation
  • Hardened sheaves
  • Remote control devices
  • Weigh scales can be added
  • Changes in reeving patterns and sheave arrangement
  • AC/DC motor controls
  • Automatic rotation stops for power rotating bottom blocks
  • Four position 90° hook lock mechanism
Power Rotating Bottom Block