We put the same level of attention to detail into each of our telescoping coil grabs as every other component designed and built by Zenar Corporation. We want every customer to receive a complete solution of exceptional quality, no matter the application.

Standard grab is available up to a 45 ton capacity, and coil widths from 20 to 76 inches. Although this is our standard, we can provide custom coil grabs that can work for higher capacities and coil widths. The rotating grab is available up to a 45 ton capacity, and coil widths from 20 to 108 inches. Our non-rotating grab can go up to a 60 ton capacity, and coil widths from 20 to 88 inches.

Electrically operated, the grab provides precise coil positioning from the operator’s station with minimal operator intervention during coil placement. The grab allows closer coil stacking than a “C-hook,” increasing available floor space by reducing the aisle width. The integral motorized rotate mechanism has a lower vertical profile than a separate motorized rotating bottom block and grab. This feature can reduce building height requirements, resulting in lower building costs and more efficient floor space usage.

Telescopic rack-gear leg design provides in-line linear motion for accurate grab alignment. A clutch also prevents machinery damage caused by accidental grab collision. Additional electrical limit switches prevent excessive grab clamping pressure and accidental grab opening.

Pricing available upon request.

Other available options:

  • Replaceable urethane leg covers to minimize marring of the coil’s inner and outer edge surfaces.
  • Deduct for non-rotating grab.

To learn more about the motorized telescoping coil grabs designed and fabricated here at Zenar Corporation, please contact us.