Zenar can cater to all of our customers’ needs including component brands and design specifications. Our electrical department allows us to do all of the electrical designs and installations on the crane in our facility. Overall, we strive to use high quality and maintenance friendly designs in order to provide the best products.

Zenar Electrical Standards & Capabilities

  • Designs follow CMAA 70, NFPA 70 for electric overhead traveling cranes.
  • Control panels are designed around the UL508A standard, and built in-house.
  • Individual systems of the crane are tested for functionality and quality. The crane is then completely assembled on the plant floor for final inspection and testing.
  • Traveling festoons are designed and built at Zenar to give a greater flexibility for customer specifications.
  • Custom cabinet and electrical house design for climate moderated control solutions.
Electrical Panel
Controls Panels

Our Trusted Brands

Zenar Corporation only works with the highest quality names and materials in crane manufacturing. For us to recommend any part or product, it has to perform. These are the brands that meet our standards for longevity, precision, and capacity.

To learn more about our products and processes here at Zenar Corporation, please contact us.

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