We are uniquely able to stock virtually all of the standard parts required of our material handling systems, because our own engineers design many of the components we use. Even older, out-of-stock parts can be remanufactured using blueprints or the existing parts themselves.

The extensive engineering expertise of the Zenar Corporation team allows us to precisely reproduce parts for almost any overhead crane made in the U.S.

Raw Material

Components Fabricated/Manufactured at Our Facility:

  • All axles
  • All bearing housings
  • Brake wheels – cast or machined over 4140
    8″ diameter thru 23″ diameter
  • Electric magnet operated AISE D.C. Shoe Brakes
    Sizes:  8″ – 10″ – 13″ – 16″ – 19″
  • Couplings – All Types
  • Drums – Up to 60″ OD x 24′ long – hardened or carb.
  • Gears – Up to 74″ OD from 18 to 1.5 DP
    Spur – Stub – Helical
  • Hooks – Forged and fabricated ladle, up to 300-ton capacity
  • Sheave – Up to 40″ diameter –hardened or carb.
  • Wheels – Up to 30″ tread diameter – hardened
  • Hoist trolley units
Brake Wheels

Zenar Also Rebuilds the Following:

  • Bridge & Trolley Wheel Assemblies
  • Gear Reducers
  • Below the Hook Devices
  • Hoist Drums (Rescore or New)

To learn more about the custom components designed and fabricated/machined here at Zenar Corporation, please contact us.

Lifting Beam