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COVID-19 Update from Zenar Crane

What We Do

Zenar is a world class manufacturer of custom overhead cranes for manufacturing and material handling applications. Our exceptional engineering capabilities not only allows us to build any stationary crane, we can also service any stationary crane — even if it was manufactured somewhere else.

Outdoor Semi-Leg Gantry

How We Do It

Not all cranes are created equal.

Ours are custom designed, built to perfection, and held to the ultimate standard of quality control. From the gearbox to the last bolt, every crane is fabricated right in our facility, and thoroughly tested so it can last for years to come. American made. American strong.

We set the standard in versatility.

The diverse spectrum of Zenar’s crane product line includes bridge, gantry, monorail and jib cranes, with either cab, floor, or radio controls. Our customers can also choose from AC or DC powered options, with capacities ranging from 5 to 250 tons. Performance ratings scale from CMAA A through F class applications. Even the most demanding of AIST steel mills can be accommodated by Zenar’s team of highly specialized engineers.

We’re also capable of designing and manufacturing below-the-hook solutions including coil grabs, c-hooks, lifting beams, and floor operated devices such as coil cars.

When your crane stops working, you stop working.

That’s why we take our work seriously. Zenar stands by all of the products and services we provide, because everyone here, from the CEO to the assembly worker, takes ownership of the final result. The Zenar team functions like a family and we approach every project like the masterpiece it is.

To learn more about our products and processes here at Zenar Corporation, please contact us.

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