Should the unexpected arise, Zenar Service Group can provide technical service and support to our valued customers.

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Zenar Service Group (ZSG), a subsidiary of Zenar Corporation, can give you the finest overhead crane service and accessories for your capital expense dollars. ZSG can provide the technical service and support should the unexpected arise. We also work with Zenar Corporation to provide factory-trained service technicians that are responsive and qualified to resolve almost any crane-related problem quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about our services here at Zenar Service Group, please contact us.

Zenar Service Group offers 24/7/365 over-the-phone technical support. Call us at (414) 369-9107.

OSHA Inspections, Testing, and Training

Federal regulations mandate that overhead cranes and material handling equipment be given a Periodic Inspection on the following schedule:

  • Normal and Heavy Duty – Yearly
  • Severe Duty – Quarterly
  • Annual (Periodic) Crane Inspections as Required by ANSI & OSHA Standards
  • Monthly (Frequent) Crane Inspections as Required by ANSI & OSHA Standards
  • OSHA Qualified Operator Training
  • Maintenance Crane Training
  • Testing & Certification of Hoists, Cranes & Bridge Crane Systems

Parts Stocked/Made

Parts and service go hand-in-hand, therefore ZSG and Zenar Corporation work together to service our customers. Zenar Corporation often manufactures its own parts, it is uniquely able to stock virtually all of the standard parts and components required of its material handling systems. Furthermore, because of its capabilities, ZSG can re-engineer older, out-of-stock parts from existing parts themselves. This service includes reproducing parts for almost any overhead crane made in the U.S.


We install the following:

  • Cranes
  • Runway Systems
  • Rail Systems
  • Conductor-Bar Systems
  • Modernizations


We sell the following products:

  • New Cranes
    • Single or Double Girder
    • Top and Under Running
    • Gantry
    • Automated
  • New Hoists
  • Below the Hook Devices