The Zenar team designs and fabricates custom cabs to the needs of our customers as part of the overhead cranes options package. Whether the cab is open or enclosed there are many features that can be included into the cab. With these features, customers have the ability to pick and choose the components that are incorporated in their cab. The components that customers can choose from varies greatly.

All of these feature are options that we provide so that we can accommodate our customers to the best of our ability. We want every customer to receive a complete solution of exceptional quality, no matter the application.

To learn more about the cabs available here at Zenar Corporation, please contact us.

Cab Customizable Features

  • Cab Movements
    •  Fixed
    • Independent Traveling Cab
    • Cab Mounted on Trolley
  • Number of Windows, Positioning of Windows, Window Tinting
  • Type of Glass Used for Windows
  • Air Conditioning (through the wall or split type)
  • Type of Chair Included in the Cab
  • Controls (Joystick, Radio, Pendant)
  • Safety Devices
    • Emergency Descent
    • Horns/Sirens/Lights
  • Monitoring Equipment
Enclosed Cab