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An overhead crane should be built to last, and that means that the existing technology will likely need an upgrade long before it’s time to replace it. Whether or not your crane was designed and manufactured by Zenar, our team of engineers can add an upgrade to any crane with the right hardware, offering a wide range of features designed to improve functionality, efficiency, and safety.

Simple Upgrades

  • Load Limiting Features for Hoists
  • Extended hoist speeds above base speeds
  • Micro-speed control for precise positioning
  • Anti-Shock Suppression
  • Relaxed Cable Detection
  • Shaft Speed Deviation Detection
  • Inching controllability
  • Indexing Operation
  • Remote or cab control options
AIST Class 6 Scale Pit Crane

Complex Upgrades

  • Adding radio controls to existing cranes that might be cab controlled to allow the operator to run the cab from the floor.
  • Adding a radio to a pendant controlled crane to keep the operator a safe distance away from possible dangerous locations, operations, or hazards.
  • Modernizing older controls that no longer have parts available with more readily available controls. Zenar accommodates both AC and DC control components.
  • Replace older contactor and relay controls with solid state controls to provide smoother operation, less wear-and-tear on the crane, and fewer parts to maintain or replace. Available for vector/variable frequency controls on AC cranes or variable voltage controls on DC cranes.
  • Complete crane control conversion for existing DC cranes to AC control by replacing all motors, brake, and controls.
Double Girder Overhead Crane with Cab

Mechanical Upgrades

  • Add a cab to an existing cane. This may be done if the crane is going to be used in a different application or process.
  • Replace an old cab with a new modern cab that could provide better visibility, a more ergonomic operator chair, new controllers, and environmental controls such as air conditioning and heating to fit the location.
  • Upgrade crane capacity to lift heavier loads required by increased production.
  • Replace old, obsolete brakes with modern brakes that have more readily available parts.
  • Repair or replace old worn-out gear reducers or drum assemblies.
  • Crane span modifications to increase or decrease the span when moving an existing crane to a new location.

To learn more about the custom overhead crane upgrades available with Zenar Service Group, please contact us.

Crate Lifting Crane